Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

Incorporated in 2001 and jointly owned by all Australian State and Territory Government tourism bodies, the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is Australia’s national, centralised content and distribution platform for digital tourism information on Australia.

Tourism data feedWith a database of almost 40,000 tourism product listings and 130,000 images across 10 categories, this rich, up-to-date content is quality assured, electronically accessed and published by over 150 online distributors, wholesalers and retailers to showcase Australia’s tourism products to the World.

The NSW Tourism media feed that contains NSW tourism product and is merged into the national database – The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) which is available on a wide range of consumer websites such as:; Total Travel; Google, Shoalhaven Holidays (but not events), Wollongong Tourism and many others.

Any listing that is not updated every 6 months is automatically removed from the NSW Tourism website and the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse.

Listings are for to:

  • Accommodation
  • Attractions
  • Tours
  • Events

So for example business that services the Tourism industry can’t be listed – as listings are for holiday makers marketplace and consumer holiday website feeds

A new category is coming next month – Restaurants and cafés (but must be tourism focus)

And well as Events been divided into Business and Community events (but still must be tourism focus)

South Coast Promotions has been involved since 2001 with NSW Tourism media  and the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse since its inception many years ago, and were one of the trainers of the system.

Smart phone technology for tourism“Just as smartphones have become invaluable to us, so the new SMART technology platform with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse will improve performance and productivity of busy tourism operators through Australia, enabling them to easily manage their online content and offering them access to an extensive network of digital marketing channels to promote their businesses online. And for those operators who are not yet listed in the ATDW database, this will be a great opportunity to jump on board!”

We are able to arrange to establish your listing, and to be kept up to date, phone 02 4455 4780 – Contact us for further details


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